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The state of play: FDI in Honduras

The state of play: FDI in Honduras

Honduras ended 2019 on a negative note in terms of FDI inflows, and since then Covid-19 has caused high levels of unemployment and hit the country's most attractive sectors for foreign investment.

Florida lays the groundwork for investment growth

Florida lays the groundwork for investment growth

Florida’s economic development over the past decade has been impressive. However, with growth stalled by the impact of Covid-19, to what extent will the economic foundations established during that period help accelerate recovery and where might new investment opportunities lie?

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The state of play: FDI in Romania

The state of play: FDI in Romania

FDI in Romania has seen a sharp decline due to Covid-19, but its agriculture, ICT, transport and automotive sectors are cited as areas that can help the country bounce back.


  • Barings, an international investment management firm and subsidiary of US-based Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company will open an office in Singapore

  • India-based ICICI Bank has opened a representative office in Kathmandu, Nepal

  • US-based XDBS, a marketing support and inside sales company, has opened a new delivery centre in the Philippines

  • UK-based executive search firm Erevena has opened a new office in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Israel’s OTV, a digital health venture capital firm, has opened a new office in China

  • US law firm Keller Lenkner, has opened a new office in Liverpool, UK

  • UK-based pharmaceutical company, Clinigen Group, has opened an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • UK-based ID verification and screening software company, SmartSearch, has opened a new US office

  • France-based Haulotte, a manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telehandlers, plans to open a new plant in Changzhou, China

  • US-based The Bank of New York Mellon has opened a new branch in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Top 10 countries - Liner Shipping Connectivity Index

Liner Shipping Connectivity Index, Q3 2020 (Source: UNCTADstat)

Country Index score
China 160.29
Singapore 111.68
South Korea 107.55
US 103.45
Malaysia 98.44
Hong Kong 92.74
UK 89.91
Netherlands 89.72
Japan 88.70
Belgium 88.49
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Investment in Hamburg as a technology hub

Investment in Hamburg as a technology hub

Hamburg has established itself as a leading destination for companies engaged in the digital economy, expertly bringing together the old and the new – but how are city leaders building on that success, creating a culture that rewards collaboration and creativity?

The state of play: FDI in Uzbekistan

The state of play: FDI in Uzbekistan

Since the death of dictator Islom Karimov in 2016, Uzbekistan has undergone a series of reforms to open up its economy to FDI, with impressive results. However, concerns about corruption still dog the country.

Bristol invests in a more inclusive future

As one of the UK's core cities, Bristol has enjoyed much prosperity over the past two centuries, but the Covid-19 pandemic has instigated changes that it is hoped will lead to any future success being more inclusive and sustainable.

The state of play: FDI in Slovakia

FDI flows into Slovakia had been impressive until the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Now, with its well-regarded manufacturing base affected by lockdowns, the country's future looks more uncertain.

A listing of Baltic IPAs

Interested in investing in the Baltics? Our clickable directory offers a guide to investment promotion agencies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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