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Marina Leiva

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Senior reporter

Marina Leiva is a senior reporter at Investment Monitor, where she specialises in the agribusiness sector. Previously, she reported on institutional investments in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal for MandateWire at the Financial Times. She started her career in Spain, covering international affairs for

Articles by Marina Leiva
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The state of play: FDI in Spain

Spain's FDI levels had already dipped in 2019, and then Covid-19 hit the country hard. However, hopes are high for a quick recovery as innovative investors are targeted.

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The state of play: FDI in Peru

As a country with a high reliance on extractive industries, FDI in Peru is poised to shrink as mining takes a big hit from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The state of play: FDI in Chile

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, FDI in Chile continues to rise, something very few of its Latin American counterparts have managed to achieve.

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What is the blue economy, and is it green?

The blue economy plays host to trillions of dollars worth of economic activity, but the preservation and sustainability of the oceans is still deemed less important than their profitability.

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The UK Agriculture Bill: Food for thought

The standard of food imports to the UK has formed a big part of the Brexit debate, and the issue will not go away as the Agriculture Bill makes its way through the Houses of Parliament.

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The UK Fisheries Bill: What’s at stake?

UK fisheries were a topic of much debate in the lead up to the Brexit referendum of 2016. Now those who promised so much for the industry are trying to deliver through the Fisheries Bill.

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What is a special economic zone?

Since the times of the Ancient Greeks, special economic zones have been used as a tool to promote investment and boost a country's wider economy, but how are they defined and what does the future hold for them?

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