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Sebastian Shehadi

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Political editor

Sebastian Shehadi is political editor and senior editor at Investment Monitor and joined New Statesman Media Group from the Financial Times, where he was an editor at fDi Magazine. He takes special interest in tourism, tier-two cities, green energy, real estate and emerging markets, and his writing has appeared in the FT, BBC, New Statesman, Sifted and Middle East Eye. Prior to his career in journalism, Sebastian served as a political risk analyst at Citibank. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Articles by Sebastian Shehadi
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Will Covid-19 kill FDI?

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a quantum shift in the world of FDI, and it may take years or decades for things to return to 'normal', if they ever do.

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The state of play: FDI in India

India has enjoyed huge growth in inward FDI over the past decade, and in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic it looks set to continue this trend in the coming years.

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What is FDI?

Definitions abound, but what does foreign direct investment, commonly abbreviated to FDI, actually mean and entail?

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Are populists popular with investors?

Populism is 'bad', is the common call, and given the anti-globalist agenda of Trump and company, this counts double for foreign investment. So why are investors still flocking to populist-led countries?

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Is FDI a force for good?

FDI is often praised for the benefits it brings to its destination locations. However, these benefits are dependent on a variety of factors.

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